The great libraries Prototype 1.7, Script.Aculo.Us 1.9 and TinyMCE 3.4.2

InPlaceRichEditor V 1.3.3

It include features like multiple init (simple and advanced theme on same page now supported), rails 2.0, focus/activate, using "Save" plugin instead of default links, fix editor size to element dimensions, ...

Please read the detailed post about AJAX InPlaceRichEditor 1.3 for more details

DOWNLOAD InPlaceRichEditor V 1.3.3

Railers, grab this InPlaceRichEditor 1.3_rc0 with rails 2.0.2 demo to find more about it.


2011-05-01 V 1.3.3

Update: Fix bug keeping original controls while using tinymceSave option. (Thanks Bernd Binder)

2011-04-13 V 1.3.2

Update: Using TinyMCE 3.4.2, Prototype 1.7, Scriptaculous 1.9.0
Fixme: support for Internet Explorer 9

2009-03-28 V 1.3.1

Update: Using TinyMCE 3.2
Fix: unescapingHTML as scriptaculous 1.8.2 now does it by default in InPlaceEditor (Thanks to Tony Cuny)

2008-07-01 V 1.3

Update: Using TinyMCE 3.1
Fix: support of ImageManager and FileManager from MoxieCode (Thanks to Rudi Boutinaud and Joaquin Miguez)
New Feature: tinymceSave, use the "save" plugin and buttons "save" and "cancel" instead of default links
New Feature: tinymceToElementSize, set the editor size to the element dimensions (Thanks to E. Vrolijk - RedAnt Solutions for his patch and help)

2008-02-18 V 1.3_rc0

WARNING: NOT backward compatible
Using TinyMCE 3.0
Lot of updates and fixes
Thanks to Filipe Pina for his feedback
Thanks to Min Kim for his help debugging IE

2008-01-31 V 1.2

Stable: Now considered as stable, this is the last release using TinyMCE 2.1.3 (TinyMCE 3.0 is out), this release include some cleaning and protoculous_packed for a compressed version of prototype and scriptaculous 1.8.1, anyway you can use your own version of prototype 1.6.* and scriptaculous 1.8.*

2007-11-28 V 1.2_rc1

Update : Now using TinyMCE 2.1.3

2007-11-14 V 1.2_rc0

WARNING: NOT backward compatible
Rewrite: A full rewrite has been done using Prototype 1.6, ScriptAculoUs 1.8 and TinyMCE 2.1.2
Thanks: Brian Hansen, Brian French, Dan Dalf, Anton Mostovoy, Hans-Peter for them feedbacks and patches

2007-05-18 V 1.1.2

Fix: <p> stripped out when canceling (thanks Andrew Petersen)

2007-05-06 V 1.1.1

Fix: Loading external text (thanks Robert Muzslai)

2007-04-30 V 1.1

WARNING: NOT backward compatible
Update : Initialization
Fix: ShowSaving (thanks Neil Rickards)

2007-03-05 V 1.0

Initial release